It’s time to leave 2023 behind and head into an exciting 2024 new year of boating and fun times as members of Shilshole Bay Yacht Club. As you’ll see in this issue of the Rudderpost there are many, many activities planned for the year—but the first and most important(!) is the Tuesday, January 16, dinner meeting at Elliott Bay Brewery in Lake City. Here’s your chance to face the new year with friends who share your favorite pastimes.

We have an array of captivating programs lined up for this year, and this month, we’re thrilled to feature Carley Tallman—a passionate boater, cruiser, rower and seasoned educator. With a unique blend of experiences, including teaching math during four Atlantic crossings (details to be revealed at the meeting), Carley has seamlessly woven her diverse interests into a life filled with excitement and exuberance. Don’t miss out on discovering the fascinating tales that have shaped her journey!

We will be including Carley’s bio in further communications, but take it from us, you are going to enjoy her presentation.

When we are lucky enough to have talented and spirited speakers for the meetings, please take a few minutes during the social hour to greet them, chat with them, introduce them around and in general, make them feel welcome. These people are volunteering their time to educate and entertain us. If you see them standing aside, bring them into your social group and let them know we are a friendly club.

The dinner cost has risen this year to $35 due to increased expenses incurred by Elliott Bay. Despite this, it remains an excellent value, encompassing a comprehensive package. It covers dinner, including taxes and gratuity, along with a charge of approximately $10 per person for the room rental. Furthermore, you’ll meet an engaging and captivating speaker, making the overall experience even more worthwhile.

One other added benefit is there will no longer be a charge for the use of your credit card in paying for your dinner. You also can still pay with check or cash, although the exact amount in cash would be appreciated.

It’s also important to notify us in a timely manner if you can’t make a meeting when you’ve already signed up for it. The restaurant needs a week to plan the appropriate food/menu in the right amount for us, so our deadline is crucial in making sure we have enough food for everyone and, conversely, that we don’t have a lot of wasted food. Traditionally, we have charged for no shows, so if you’ve made a reservation but later find you are unable to attend, please let us know ASAP. We appreciate a week’s notice for cancellations, but in the event of sudden illness, drop us a line or call, and we’ll certainly take your circumstances into consideration. Your understanding and communication are greatly appreciated!

An evite will be coming out shortly, so watch for it in your email and be prepared to respond by the deadline.
Additionally, if you haven’t already marked your calendar for the February meeting, do so now. It will be Tuesday, February 20 with a program to be announced later.

Of high note is that there will be no dinner meeting in March, because that gathering would come only a few days before the March Winter Fest on the weekend of March 22-23. Instead, this will be a fantastic opportunity for all of us to come to Edmonds by boat or car and enjoy a weekend of play and camaraderie. Watch the Rudderpost for news on this event from our social chairs.

But first!! Join us on Tuesday, January 16 at 6 p.m. at Elliott Bay Brewing Co. in Lake City. Hope to see you all there!