Hello all, and happy holidays to everyone!

A reminder to all members that annual dues for 2024 are due on  December 15.

You can pay by check, cash or card.  Note that the square device charges us an extra 3.5% if you pay by card.  So, that fee would be added to your cost if you choose to pay via square.  You can pay in person at the December dinner meeting, or mail the club a check with the memo listed as renewal.  There is also a tab on the website that will lead you through a process that allows you to make any changes desired to your club roster listing, and it culminates with a “click to purchase” button.  Link here to the website location for renewal. Online renewal is a quick and easy way to check this item off your holiday list!

Please renew before the December 15 Deadline.  If you miss the deadline, there is now a $20 late fee assessed through the end of the calendar year, and that late fee goes up to $25 after January 1.  Note also that if you’re late enough, you may not be listed in the roster.

Have a new boat? Or maybe just a new phone number? If so, please send me an email with any adjustments that you’d like made to your roster listing by January 1.  I’ll do my best to make sure the changes are made for the 2024 edition.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Jason Breitling

Rear Commodore