Dinner Meeting: Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Place: Ivar’s Salmon House, 401 NE Northlake Way, Seattle

Pre-Dinner drinks from: 5:30pm

Dinner served at: 6:45pm

Program: Summer Cruise Review/Planning

This is our final Dinner Meeting of the Winter/Spring season.  We resume these in September, so be sure to join us for this final Ivar’s-based evening together before September.  At this meeting we’re going to have a program led by club members David Horn, David Rynning and Julie Newby.  David Horn has done research and found a new online chat program for us to use instead of SLACK.  SLACK has instituted fees for portions of their service that we do very much want (e.g. archiving of chat dialogues going back more than a couple weeks).  David will provide more background and then a step-by-step demonstration of how to initially log in and then use the new system he has already tailored for our needs.

Our Co-Cruise Chairs, David Rynning and Julie Newby, will provide updates on the Summer Cruise Schedule, including what’s planned for the June Dinner Dance event, again being held at the Kingston Yacht Club on June 10.  They’ll also cover the July 4th Holiday event and what is planned there, along with making a final determination for where to have the Summer Rendezvous.  We envision this being an opportunity for club members to offer their thoughts and ideas to our Board members who work very hard to keep good traditions going, while also staying open to creative options for continuing SBYC growth.

One important update on the Dinner Menu: We have eliminated the Chicken Saltimbocca option as we’ve discovered it is priced above our target zone for meals.  The past few meetings have resulted in the Club General Fund making up an unintended shortfall on the meal expenses.  We are working with Ivar’s to get this fully understood and resolved.

So, please look for the Evite coming soon to an email inbox near you and remember to identify which meal choice(s) you would like for dinner when you respond to the Evite. We have to get that information to Ivar’s the Friday before the event (May 12). If you have to cancel a reservation, that can best be done by sending me an email directly (rogernewb@gmail.com) or calling me at 206-261-3790, but do so prior to Friday, May 12. Cancellations after the 12th are generally not refundable. Same with no-shows on the evening of the 16th. Our agreement with Ivar’s calls for a no-show dinner to still be paid for, so the Club asks each member to understand that and take responsibility for payment. It doesn’t happen very often and we can sometimes get it handled outside that rule, but there are no guarantees on that.

Meet and talk with Club members over dinner and drinks. Get updated on upcoming cruise events. Learn how to best use on-water chat systems to improve your boating experience. See you on the 16th!