If spring has sprung, has fall fallen?
As I have alluded to in the past, fall is not my best season. Sailing and biking taper off, and skiing is still too far in the future to get very excited about. From a practical standpoint it is a good time for home and boat projects, but the sense of accomplishment from those pales in comparison to the fun of a close reach on a sunny day, rail down, and wondering if I should have put in that reef before it started blowing 20kts. With some luck we still have a few weeks of good sailing left. As to winter, there is the old saying, “there is no bad weather, just bad clothing”. That is not true.
Recently the SBYC Board has been wrestling with the issue of reciprocal moorage. On initial review it seems we are providing more reciprocal moorage days to fellow clubs than our own members are using. We are at a bit of disadvantage in that we do not own a dock, and therefore have to cover some of the cost of moorage at Shilshole. We need a better idea of how the system is working for SBYC, so if you have used reciprocals at other clubs please let our secretary, Rubie Johnson, or me know.
Our family’s big cruise this year was immediately after the Dinner Dance. We stuck to Puget Sound because of family obligations and some non-boat vacation plans. It was still a good time, and we visited a few spots for the first time. Unfortunately the weather did not fully cooperate, so we did not take a lot of photos to share. Because we were a bit limited with our boating I really enjoyed following the summer cruising reports and photos on Discord. Thanks for sharing , and thanks to David Horn for setting up the app for the club.
More recently we have just returned from the Labor Day Cruise at Port Orchard. It was a lot of fun and well attended. We had more sailboats than power, and several members also drove in for the potluck. Many of us took the opportunity to display our new SBYC gear and those without were envious. If you do not yet have an SBYC hat or sweatshirt get in touch with our Quartermaster, Katie. Word is she has some extra stock on hand.
I will continue my pattern of submitting a photo unrelated to marine activity. I did take this shot, it was not at a zoo, and he was that close.