Summer’s over and with that comes cooler and wetter weather. This summer’s wildfire smoke was pretty bad. I for one (as I’m sure you were) was glad to see it go! Other than the smoke the weather was pretty good for sailing and cruising. My boat is still out of commission so I didn’t get to sail her at all. However, Ben and I still went sailing every other Saturday with Footloose. I want to thank all of those in the club who volunteered at several different events. Your help is always appreciated. Thank You!

Be sure to be at this month’s dinner meeting to hear about sailing in Tahiti with Roger and Julie. I’m sorry I missed last month’s meeting as I love to hear about people’s adventures of sailing all about the world. I, for one, will never be able to do that unless I get a different wife! I don’t want to do that, so around the world cruising is out for me. The world is a fabulous place to see and seeing it by boat must be fantastic!

One more thing, it’s not too early to pay next year’s club dues. Spend the $70.00 here before Christmas starts taking your money!

Fair winds & calm seas