2019 SBYC Summer Rendezvous

SBYC boats on Float in Reed Harbor
SBYC boats on float in Reed Harbor

This was a great year for summer cruising and the SBYC Summer Rendezvous is always a highlight! This year the rendezvous was in Reid Harbor on Stuart Island on July 31.

Hikes to the lighthouse, purchases from the Treasure Chest and other adventures along with lots of communing, happy hour nibbles, libations, potluck dinner and laughter were enjoyed by all.

Qayaq arrived early and secured space on one of the floats in the harbor, they were joined by Morning Star, Olele, Gallivant, Antares, KaDenza and Victoria. For the second year, we were lucky to get space on one of the floats in Reid Harbor with enough room to accommodate all boats.

When planning your 2020 cruising itinerary in the San Juan Islands, please make time to come to the rendezvous next year. The date is generally late July/early August, stay tuned to the Rudderpost and/or the club website, https://shilsholebayyachtclub.org/, where the date will be posted as soon as it is scheduled.