I wanted to update all of you on some changes that have been made to the website recently. I don’t know about you but I found our existing domain name shilshole-bayyc.org to be very difficult to remember. Is it shilsholebay-yc.org or shil-shole… “I know there’s a hyphen in there someplace”… After thinking about this and discussing it with the board I proposed to make a change. I wanted to make our website easier to remember. Unfortunately my first choice sbyc.org was taken so after much looking I came up with a longer domain name shilsholebayyachtclub.org.

The old name, shilshole-baycy.org, can still be used to access the website. However it is forwarded to the new domain. When someone visits a specific page or has a link to a specific page they will be redirected to the new domain and to the correct page. For example if you type http://shilshole-bayyc.org/cruising/ into your address bar you will be redirected to https://shilsholebayyachtclub.org/cruising/

The observant will notice one other subtle difference in the URLs above – https: vs. http: Https is the secure version of the HyperText Transfer Protocol. This secure protocol means that information sent from the web server to a web browser is encrypted. This is one step that has to be taken that will allow us to conduct credit card transactions through the website.

Another thing to note is the email addresses for board positions have changed to the new domain. So commodore@shilshole-bayyc.org is now forwarding to commodore@shilsholebayyachtclub.org. Please use the new email addresses.

Finally, for a couple of reasons we moved hosting companies. Our old host GoDaddy.com was expensive and had some policies that were going to cost us more money to solve some problems. They required a non free SSL certificate (that’s the technical thing that allows us to serve secure content from the website.) They would charge extra to keep my contact info private. And on top of all that they were more expensive. We are now hosted at SiteGround.com at a lower cost, with more features and larger email inboxes for board members.

If you see or know of anyone who has links to our website please let them know to update them. If you have saved favorites to our website you should update them as well.

Questions? email: webmaster@shilsholebayyachtclub.org or catch me at any of the dinners or cruises this season.

AJ Mallory
SBYC Webmaster