Our first Sales (and Ales) was a success. In attendance were Harold Baldwin, Larry Clark, and Mike and Sheryl Wytychak. Though Sheryl decided to stay behind. I think she was hoping for a ride on one of our member’s new powerboat, plus she gets to sail all the time.

Wind was in the 20 knot range when we set out from Shilshole. We took Victoria out for a spin, put a reef in the main and got her sailing nicely. We rounded Meadow Point and then set out across the sound. The wind dropped considerably after we crossed into Port Madison so we shook the reef and went to full sails. Then we headed back across the sound and wrapped up a delightful evening sail. Finally we finished up at The Yard pub in Greenwood with a pint and some delicious Mexican food. Fun was had!

Harold, Larry and Mike Sail on Victoria

The next Sails and Ales is coming up on May 23rd. I’ll be doing a delivery leaving that morning for Victoria so Ben has graciously offered to step in and take the helm for Sales and Ales this month. Be sure to show up and make him feel loved. It should be a nice long evening.


In case you missed the announcement for Sails and Ales click here for all the details. Here’s a quick recap: To attend the next Sails and Ales, meet at 4:30 around the picnic tables in front of the Shilshole Office. Depending on how many people, boats (and what type), and the day’s weather we will decide what makes the most sense. It might be a quick jaunt across the Sound for dinner, a raft up, or a lazy sail around Meadow Point. If the weather is really crappy we will head to a pub and swap some good sailing stories over a pint. Use the Slack channel #sails-and-ales for pre event and during event communications and also VHF channel 72 on the water.