SBYC Calendar Project

My wife, Julie, and I enjoy going to the Husky football games on a 27′ sailboat with some close friends.  A few years ago, Julie had the great idea to use some of our best photos from that fall’s games to make a calendar for the upcoming year.  I would like to make such a calendar for 2019 (and hopefully in years beyond) for our club, with the goal of recording some of the fun get-togethers of 2018 and the people who were there to make it happen and show in the Calendar the key dates for 2019 Dinner Meetings and SBYC Cruises.  Thus, it helps our planning month-to-month of all of our activities, as we can be reminded of when the Club get-togethers are happening.

We might also put a few dollars in the club’s general fund through the sale of  these. We use the Costco offering to make the calendars, at a cost of roughly $10 per calendar.  I’d like to suggest a sale price of $15 per calendar, so that we can put a few bucks in the club’s coffers while enjoying a useful product.


I ask your help in two ways:

(1) Please email me ( if you like this idea and would like to order a calendar (or even if you’re leaning towards wanting one)

(2) Please forward to the same email address any good photos you’ve taken while at Club events.  For this first calendar, any good photos from the past few years would be useful.

What we’ve noticed in our Husky football crew group with this is that everyone has begun to take and submit very good photos throughout the football season, eager to see their “calendar-worthy” efforts rewarded by making the cut and becoming the lead photo for one of the 12 months in the next year’s calendar.  I have kept our copy of each year’s calendar as they have become quite a scrapbook-style item for us in remembering our experiences with the Husky games.  I can see that same thing happening here.

Let me know your thoughts!