I must admit- I have been negligent in my new Race Chair duties and missed the Race Report in last month’s Rudderpost. As you know, my first child is going to squirm her way into this world in a few more weeks. Our lives have been a flurry of activity in preparation and I think it is sucking out brain cells! This month I have made sure to get this post in!

The March race is happening on the 16th, and you are probably reading this before the race will have  happened.

Last month I made the call to cancel the race. With the snow, ice, and hills I wanted to ensure the skippers and crew did not risk bodies and lives trying to get to the marina. Most of the skippers thanked me and said it was a good call, however, there is always that one guy who comments, “Isn’t it called The Snowbird?

The month before, we postponed the race due to lack of wind and canceled after sitting on the water, parked for an hour.

Here is hoping the race on the 16th will have absolutely perfect conditions!

P.S. A baby shower for Alix is scheduled during the race. Those of you who are not into the shower thing, please join me on the race committee boat.