Quartermaster Report

I have put up a new 3’X5′ flag on the flagpole at Shilshole, after repairing the old one a number of times to help it to last more than two years.  The cost for these large burgee flags has gone up to $112.00 each.  If you notice it fraying badly, snagged on lines, or anything else that might limit the life of the flag, please send an email to:  quartermaster @ shilsholebayyachtclub.org.

I still have three fleece caps with our burgee for $25.00 each, and decals for your boat, or car, of our burgee for $3.50 each.  If interested in purchasing any of these items, notify me at the quartermaster address.

We are still working on getting an account with “zazzle”  that will belong to our club and not to anyone else!