It’s Fall – Club Dues Renewal!

Please make a note in your Daytimer/Calendar/Reminder system that the annual club dues need to be paid no later than December 15.  Our Dues, while probably the lowest dues in the area for yacht clubs, are nonetheless the key component of our annual budget on the revenue side.  So, we greatly appreciate members’ getting this done before the deadline.
As you know, we can now take credit card payments at the Dinner Meetings.  We plan to have that capability for the Annual Dues as well, but the only way card payment can happen is for us to actually swipe your card.  We can’t take your card numbers over the phone and pay that way.
Another new payment method that we tested this last year is peer-to-peer electronic payment.  Most of the big banks offer this (Wells Fargo calls it “Zelle”; others use other names.)  You go to your Bill Payment tab on your online banking account and make an electronic payment using just the recipient’s cell phone number or email address.  We’ll provide the specifics on how to use this method in next month’s Rudderpost article on Dues Payment.
And, of course, there are always good old-fashioned personal checks.  You can do this either by writing a check at one of the upcoming Dinner Meetings or mailing your Dues check to the club P.O. Box.
The other important piece of Dues Renewal is to update your information we publish in the annual Club Roster.  In the past, we simply asked everyone to fill out a paper form for this.  But, in keeping with the progress of technology in our world, we’re planning to provide an online form for this on our website.  Again, in next month’s Rudderpost article on Dues Payment, we’ll provide the details.
So, plan ahead!  Read next month’s article with the key details and then take advantage of the new, easier methods to get your Dues paid right away.  Thanks to everyone for your attention to getting this done before the deadline of December 15.  You too can beat the Deadline!