Bell Harbor Cruise, March 2018

Cruisers had good weather and smooth sailing for their trip to Bell Harbor, our first official cruise of the season.

Nine boats made the trip, and 27 of us had a feast at Anthony’s on Saturday evening. The pre-dinner happy hour required two boats to hold all the merry makers, a few of whom appear in the photo.

Dennis and Kathy of “KaDence” forgot to fly their burgee when sailing into Bell Harbor.  In the photo, Kathy wears her new necklace and promises to get rid of that ugly bird, the Rubber Chicken, as soon as she catches another SBYC arriving at an event minus the burgee.


Yellowfest at Blake Island on Easter Weekend

Our next fun cruise is to Blake Island, where we enjoy the park in its early spring state, (bring boots for walking in the mud on the trails), and we enjoy the best Easter egg hunt ever, directed by Sam and Dave Krause, on the sailboat State of Mind.

Cruisers should plan to come to the island as early as they can.  Slow Dance will try to get there Friday morning. Some cruisers arrive Thursday.

Sam has provided minimal instructions, which follow.  “Bottle hunt” refers to the small liquor bottles you get on airplanes.  Sam and Dave hide them, and, then we cruisers run around like lost rabbits trying to find them.  I seem to remember Dave hid over 100 last year, and they were all found.

Bottle Hunt is at 3:00pm Saturday, March 31.   Bottles need to be delivered to State of Mind by 2:00pm so there is time to hide them.  Bottles may be decorated.  If people don’t have yellow decorations for the bottles, we will have ribbon, pipe cleaners, and yarn available, but the donors need to do the tying of the bows.

Sam will cover this more, as boats arrive, and is always ready to answer any questions.  Some boats come with yellow decorations.

The potluck is free-form.  We swap bottles in the pavilion, do the last-minute prep on dinners, then reconvene at the Pavilion for cocktails, snacks, and dinner.

We can have a sing-a-long until 9:55pm. Bring an instrument if you play one.

Bring wood, if possible.  There is a fire in the evening at the potluck. If we have enough wood, there will be a morning fire or a breakfast gathering on the dock.  Who knows – Sunday will be April Fool’s Day!!

The big points are: come early, bring wood, and do not forget the liquor bottles, at least four!

SBYC June Dinner Dance, June 9, 2018 at Brownsville Yacht Club.

June dinner dance planning meetings are beginning.  One will be held at Yellow Fest, at Blake Island, and more to follow.  If you are interested in helping with the planning, we would love to have you, it is almost as fun as the dance.  I will keep in touch.

Please contact me, Patricia, Cruise Chair at or at