Spring is in the air, hallelujah!

We’ve been busy assuring slip reservations and coordinating with our gracious sponsors. As this goes to post, April’s cruise event Yellow Fest is underway this weekend at Blake Island. Jason and Katie Breitling (FLORA) are sponsoring. Blake Island’s picnic shelter is reserved Saturday April 8 for food and fire, where folks (reserved or otherwise) will celebrate spring with the best front-row seat view of sparkling Seattle.


Photos from Friday Night – staying lovely and warm!

Predicted winds for this weekend’s Yellow Fest range between Force 2 and Force 6. As always, safety supersedes schedule, and the weather should not exceed Type II Fun for the well-prepared. Wind, rain, fun-sized waves, and a steady ship – Norwegians say, “There’s no bad weather, only bad clothes.”


More photos from Friday night.

Of other April cruising interest, Saturday April 22nd’s afternoon low water will be -1.73 at 13:10. Go beach-combing or enjoy a big lift and/or drop at the Locks. Transiting the Locks can be stressful, but it gets easier with experience – and its great practice for the mariner’s most valuable skill of Vigilance (see COLREGs Rule 5). There’s basically one Rule at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks: Always do what the Lock Officer directs, and Never do anything they do not tell you to. (And have a pair of 50’ lines. I have a story…).

The Goth Egg Hunters – Julia, Tom and Judy.  The prize winners showing off their winnings.

Below – the Motley Crew.

Photos from Saturday’s rather wet Easter Egg Bottle Hunt.

And make reservations now for May’s Burger Burn at Port Ludlow Marina. Larry and Sharon Clark (ANTARES) are sponsoring and planning, and we have the shore-side BBQ grill area from 14:00-22:00 on Saturday May 13. It’s sheltered in case of any pesky precipitation. Stow a stick or two of dry firewood for the provided fire-pit, to help extend the party’s length.  NOTE: Each skipper should book through Dockwa.com (and specify “SBYC” so they put us together). BoatUS members, be sure to add your membership# to the Dockwa account to receive members’ benefit when booking.

Next up: June 10 Dinner Dance at Kingston, watch for details.

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!’”
― Robin Williams

Yellow Fest Weekend photos by Julie Newby, Roger Newby, Katie Breitling and Matt Fraser.