The most important point I wanted to make this month involves the article above, so please read it if you have not already. In an effort to limit soporific ramblings I will keep things brief.
I have recently been reminded how lucky we are to live in the PNW. I grumble a bit about the weather and the challenges facing our city, but we really do live in an amazing place. In the past week I skied in fresh powder, sailed on a prefect sunny day, and biked to the U of W campus to take in the amazing cherry blossom display. I have seen a whale, eagles, owls, herons and an osprey. The local rabbit population is keeping me company while I work in the yard – it’s too bad they don’t eat weeds. As I was typing the article above the following character walked by the office window. Get out and enjoy what spring in Seattle has to offer, a little rain is a small price to pay.