This is my final article after two years on the board. I started as Vice Commodore mid-pandemic. Overall, my life was less impacted than some. I was going to work daily, and had no kids at home, but trying to find interesting things to write about was difficult. The absence of in person meetings, cruises, and most recreational activities, made finding subject matter a challenge. Over time things loosened up and we were back to seeing club members on cruises, and eventually dinner meetings. Racing resumed and we could hang out on the docks discussing boat maintenance and watch as AJ climbed yet another mast (including my own). This gave me a bit more to focus on for the Rudderpost, but, unfortunately, my writing skills have not matured with time.

Next year I will transition to Immediate Past Commodore and will continue to participate in our club. The 2024 board looks to be a great group, and I look forward to working with them. The cruise schedule is being finalized, with some excellent opportunities to explore Puget Sound with the club. Racing and future dock parties are a great way to stay involved. Dinner meetings continue through spring as well, and I would encourage all of you to attend. Finding speakers for the meeting can be a challenge so if you have any contacts or ideas let Pat Hillis or myself know.

I want to thank many of you for helping me out over the last two years. I needed tech support, help with club procedures, advice about events, and the occasional adult beverage to get me through. I really enjoyed the experience, while getting to know many of you better, as well as meeting some new club members.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Tom King