As I write this it’s 23º F and I’m heading out to ski shortly. I’m in the Methow Valley enjoying a week or so of skiing on the 120 plus miles of groomed nordic skiing trails. My annual trip here usually conflicts with the club’s Winter “Cruise” to Wenatchee. However,  this year the timing worked out to allow my wife and me to do both. We quite enjoyed the sights and food of Wenatchee under the guidance of two excellent tour guides, Mike and Bonnie. They showed us the highlights and the best places to eat. We had a fine time. Unfortunately the winery, Martian Scott,  was closed, so we will have to try again next year. Hope more of you can join us then too. Thanks again to Mike and Bonnie for being such excellent tour guides.

Don’t know if anyone noticed but the “sailing” magazine 48º North has expanded their mission and is now including coverage of powerboats too. I initially was a little bummed to read about this change but after some reflection and a conversation with the editor, Joe Cline, I’ve come around. It’s a quality magazine and this change will give them a broader appeal and allow them to include some articles from more authors. One of them is Steve Mitchell from Sea Bits (used to be Sail Bits). You may recognize the name as he was our speaker last February. If you haven’t picked up a copy recently it might be a good time to have a look. You can find them on the web at, in the lobby in front of the Shilshole office, at Fisheries, and many other places around town.

I’m looking forward to our second cruise of the year to Bell Harbor. This was the first cruise that my wife and I took our new and first sailboat, so it holds special meaning for us. It’s really cool to tie up downtown with a bunch of friends and spend a night or two with easy access to Pike Place Market and the rest of the amazing amenities just a few steps from your boat. We’ve enjoyed a long walk along the waterfront as well as trips to some of the nearby breweries. This is also an excellent cruise to join by land too. It’s so simple to hop the bus or drive down and join the boat in folks for a happy hour and a fun dinner at Anthony’s. While our situation this year prevents us from boating in, we will be there and I hope to see you there too!

Well, the sun is out and the snow is calling so I’m going to stop here and go enjoy some skiing.


AJ Mallory, Commodore