I’m sure by the time you are reading this you have heard more than enough about Covid-19 and I’m sorry to mention it yet again. However, in light of the developing situation and the current recommendation by King County to limit unnecessary group gatherings, the Board and I have made the decision to cancel the March dinner meeting. I regret that we have had to do so, but we feel that it is in the best interest of the membership. We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions about upcoming events.

We are planning to go ahead with the Snowbird race on the 14th. We will, however,  skip the post race gathering and mail trophies to the winners. I’m bummed as this is the last race for the season and it’s always nice to see everyone who raced in the series.

Our next upcoming event is Yellow Fest on April 10th, and I’m hopeful we will be able to hold that event. Stay tuned and we’ll see how this all develops.

In better news, we have had a few new members join us recently, so look for Pat Hillis’s introductions on them. They are all good people with whom I’m looking forward to spending more time, and hope you get to meet them soon.

I’ve been down on the docks in the last couple of days and I’m starting to see the usual spring activities beginning to occur. You know, washing the green growth off the deck and maybe applying a new layer of wax. Spring is coming. Let’s hope things begin to return to normal soon and that we can all gather at Yellow Fest, fly our quarantine flags in jest, and celebrate spring.