NOTICE of By Law housekeeping addition, and one change.

The Board of Directors has approved the following changes.  Summary of By-Law changes are shown below IN CAPS in ARTICLE IV and ARTICLE X.

  1. Housekeeping change: formalize reading of the nominations for officers at both the October and November Dinner Meetings, rather than just the November Election meeting.  This has been the practice for two years, and gives more notice to the membership of the proposed slate of officers and elections.
  2. An addition of one year’s membership to the requirements for being nominated for an elected office.
  3. Housekeeping addition: an addition clarifies in ARTICLE X which officers are elected. This does not change the By-Laws.

Changes and additions are shown below in CAPS:

ARTICLE IV: Nominations and Elections

Section 1: The Nominating Committee shall publish nominees in the Rudderpost prior to the election meeting, which shall be the November dinner meeting.  The Nominating Committee shall read its selections to the Club at the OCTOBER DINNER MEETING, AND THE NOVEMBER election meeting.  Additional nominations OF CONSENTING MEMBERS IN GOOD STANDING FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE YEAR FROM THE ELECTION MEETING may be made from the floor by any voting member.  No members shall be nominated without their consent.


ARTICLE X: Officers & Duties

Section 1: The Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary, Treasurer, RACE CHAIR, AND CRUISE CHAIR shall be elected at the annual election meeting for the following Club year.

DISCUSSION:  Adding one year’s membership tenure to the requirements for an elected office does NOT affect participation on any committee or task.  It does not change eligibility for appointment by the Board to an elected office, should there be a vacancy.  Being a member of SBYC for a year prior to serving at the level of responsibility of an elected officer allows a candidate to participate in club activities while the club gets to know how the candidate might best serve the club.

Also, now that the Nominating Committee forms in May, rather than in the fall, there is ample time to recruit interested tenured members who may not volunteer, but might be interested and available.