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food drive

Food Drive by Rubie Johnson.

Announcing a FOOD DRIVE at the November 21 Dinner Meeting and the December 12 Holiday Meeting. Food will be donated to NORTHWEST HARVEST Seattle. Please bring a can or a case of general food items, shelf-stable foods low in sodium, sugar and saturated fats.

Canned Protein (tuna, chicken, beans)
Peanut Butter (Plastic jars are preferred)
Canned Fruit (Low Sugar)
Canned Veggies (Low Sodium)
Rice, White or Brown, in original packaging
Whole Grain Pastas, unopened
Shelf Stable Milk or Dairy Alternatives
Baby and Infant Formula; Diapers

Thank you for helping SBYC serve our Seattle Community and feed families in need. For more ways to
give, or to donate a cash gift visit

Cruise Report by Cruise Co-Chairs, David Rynning and Julie Newby.


Our 2023 summer cruise calendar provided many good memories to sustain us through winter’s long
nights. Now’s a good time to do some cleaning, lighten the ship of fair weather gear, and prepare our
vessels for their idle months. We stay aboard Vixen 2-4 nights each month throughout winter, which
helps chase the damp while spending some time addressing the eternal project list, and hedges against
surprises come spring. We love the harbor seals, birds, and marina and town life in Poulsbo, even in winter, although the long walk from Vixen’s outer-marina slip to shore facilities can be too long when the cold rain’s blowing sideways.

This year’s summer cruise season ended with the Salmon Bake at Poulsbo. Five boats attended and
many people came by car; somehow, we all still (mostly) fit in the marina’s small multi-purpose room.
There was no shortage of salmon and potluck delectables. Mischief Maker hosted happy hours on both
Friday and Saturday, and we were honored to wish Harold a Happy Birthday with celebratory cupcakes!
The weather was fair, and no one fell in – all in all a good time on summer’s last hurrah.

In case you missed the September dinner meeting, we looked through many photos from this summer’s
exploits and voted on favorites in several categories. That was fun and I suspect we’ll have an even
bigger field of pics to review after next summer’s adventures. And at the October meeting, in lieu of an
outside speaker, featured a lively group discussion of experiences and ways to avoid visiting the bottom
or hard pointy things near the surface, with our hulls. Some of these stories take guts to re-tell, others
may be more humorous (after initial shock), and it’s all useful information especially for forward
planning of our various trips in 2024. There are many resources available to aid us in safe navigation in
addition to GPS plotters – including cruising guides, up-to-date NOAA charts (printed for me please, I’m
old school), and the comprehensive US Coast Pilot (free online, print just the pages covering the charts
you use).

And speaking of next summer, we’re setting up 2024 now, see below. Contact us at with any questions or comments.

WINTER FEST will move to March 15-17, and we’re proposing Edmonds, which has reasonable guest
rates and good dining choices in and near the marina.

YELLOW FEST April 5-7 at Blake Island Marina. The beachfront picnic shelter is reserved for that

BURGER BURN returns to Port Ludlow May 17-19.

JUNE DINNER DANCE will be at Kingston Yacht Club. We heard appreciative comments about this year’s band, Sour Mash, and are inquiring about booking them again for 2024.

JULY 3 RAFT-UP is under consideration and may move from Liberty Bay. Many locales including
Poulsbo/Liberty Bay are opting out of pyrotechnics lately, so please send us any thoughts on possible

SUMMER RENDEZVOUS is up for grabs, again let us know what’s in your plans for the July/August time frame – North? South? West? We really made good use of the new Discord platform this year and it’s easier than you may think, for chat and uploading photos.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND 2024 spans August 31 – Sept 2. Our 2023 meet-up at Port Orchard was a good
location for those of us boating in from Seattle, Tacoma, and Poulsbo, and easy for those driving over or
around too. We’re looking into our 2024 location and are eager to hear any ideas, or if Port Orchard
merits another visit.

The SALMON BAKE will be September 27-29 and will likely return to Des Moines, as Poulsbo’s facility
building proved almost too small for the large group that joined this year.

We’ll publish finalized reservations next month, and they’ll be added to the “Cruising” tab on the SBYC
website next month and in January. Please also consider volunteering to host or help with any of these

“The sea speaks a language polite people never repeat. It is a colossal scavenger of slang and has no
respect.” (Carl Sandburg)

Clipper ship
Ocean Boat Race

Vice Commodore Report by Roger Newby.

Holiday Time – Dinner Get-Togethers.

With cruising events behind us for 2023, make plans to get together at our November 21 and December 12 Holiday Dinner Meetings.

We are reserved for November 21 and December 12 (earlier in the month than usual in order to avoid conflicting with other holiday events in the week of the 18th).  We are again meeting at the Elliott Bay Brewing Company’s Cascade Room (lower level) in Lake City.  An Evite will still be sent for all monthly dinner meetings.  Even though this new format does not involve capturing everyone’s individual meal choice via Evite, we still need to know how many will be attending, so please reply to the Evite.  The buffet meal will include Cobb Salad, Fish & Chips, Carnitas Tacos, Chicken Tenders, and Cuban Sandwiches.  Cost is $27 for cash/check and $29 for credit card payment.

After our meal and short business meeting, we will be featuring MOVIE NIGHT.  Large bowls of delicious popcorn will help set the mood as we view a couple short movies (videos) of treacherous rounding of Cape Horn.  We’ll see amazing footage of the old clipper sailing ships negotiating this fabled passage, followed by more recent footage taken as part of the Volvo Round the World race.


If you haven’t had the opportunity yet to join us at this facility, those who have been at the two Fall meetings thus far have given it very positive reviews.  The room provides a more practical setting for conversation – there is, after all, our very own bar and bartender along one whole side of the room.

We hope to see you there!


(Turner, Alexander Harper, active 1920-1950. Ship Garthsnaid. De Maus, David Alexander, 1847-1925 :Shipping negatives. Ref: 1/2-014494-G. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, New Zealand. /records/23214257)

wooden boat

Commodore’s Corner by Tom King, Commodore.



For this article I will start by putting on my nominating committee hat and present your proposed 2024 SBYC board. My fellow committee members LB Day and Patricia Shannon-Garvey were instrumental in putting together this list, and I greatly appreciate their contributions. As always, this is a purely volunteer endeavor, yet board participation is an absolute necessity. Without active and thoughtful participation from the board the club could not continue on.


Commodore:  Roger Newby
Vice Commodore:  Patricia Hillis
Rear Commodore: Jason Breitling
Treasurer:  Barbara M.
Secretary: Judy Tallman
Immediate Past Commodore:  Thomas King
Director at Large: LB Day
Director at Large: Patricia Shannon-Garvey
Race Chair: Anne Girvin
Cruise Chairs: Julie Newby, David Rynning
Quartermaster: Katie Breitling
Webmaster:  Carol Bianquis
Fleet Captains: Ben Loubaugh, Matt Fraser
Rudderpost Editor: Pauline Bruce
Rudderpost Proof Reader: Sally Rawlings


Many will notice that a fair number of the members proposed for 2024 are also on this year’s board. This bodes well for next year as we have had a fun group with solid participation. I want to thank everyone for their willingness to continue to support our club in the future. Please make sure to attend the November dinner meeting and vote!


Although club business has kept me partly occupied as we slip into the quiet season for sailing, I still have a bit too much free time. I typically search out projects for the winter to keep me occupied. I also have a habit of surfing Craig’s List and came across a partially built little sailing pram that the original owner gave up on prior to completion and offered at a very fair price. I have a certain weakness for small boats, and collect them the same way some people rescue puppies. I won’t admit to how many small craft I have, but the combined length is 134 feet. In all fairness, some of these are inflatable, so if deflated the volumetric analysis is not so dire. The new addition came without instructions, adding a bit to the challenge, but in a good way. Once complete it should be a fun addition to the keel-boat for ship to shore duties, a quick sail in a calm anchorage, and even use with my little electric outboard. I have always loved sailing small boats and my first was an El Toro pram, followed by 2 lasers, sailboards and a few beach cat rides. I look forward to a return to small boat sailing, and hopefully some of you will want to give it a try. Yes, the homely little thing is more box shaped than boat shaped, but it is reported to row and sail better than it’s appearance would suggest.