Rear Commodore Report by Jason Breitling, Rear Commodore

Hello all, and happy holidays to everyone!

A reminder to all members that annual dues for 2024 are due on  December 15.

You can pay by check, cash or card.  Note that the square device charges us an extra 3.5% if you pay by card.  So, that fee would be added to your cost if you choose to pay via square.  You can pay in person at the December dinner meeting, or mail the club a check with the memo listed as renewal.  There is also a tab on the website that will lead you through a process that allows you to make any changes desired to your club roster listing, and it culminates with a “click to purchase” button.  Link here to the website location for renewal. Online renewal is a quick and easy way to check this item off your holiday list!

Please renew before the December 15 Deadline.  If you miss the deadline, there is now a $20 late fee assessed through the end of the calendar year, and that late fee goes up to $25 after January 1.  Note also that if you’re late enough, you may not be listed in the roster.

Have a new boat? Or maybe just a new phone number? If so, please send me an email with any adjustments that you’d like made to your roster listing by January 1.  I’ll do my best to make sure the changes are made for the 2024 edition.

I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Jason Breitling

Rear Commodore


Aspen Factory Tour by Race Chair, Anne Girvin

Factory Tour of Aspen Power Catamarans, in Burlington, Washington, the week of January 15, 2024.

C120 –
Aspen asks that we limit the group to only eight people.  In addition, there is another tour planned – a tour of Skagit Valley. We will start by car pooling from the Seattle area to Burlington.  We will split into two groups:
1)  Those on the factory tour who will tour before lunch at the Airport/Brew Pub (a short walk or ride across from the factory).
2) The second group, large or small, who will go on a scenic ride of Skagit Valley and end up at an excellent art gallery, a delightful bakery and lunch.
 We will meet up again at the Airport/brew pub and carpool back.  Please email me at or put a message on Discord at ‘Aspen Factory Tour’ if you are interested in either tour.

Food Drive by Rubie Johnson, Secretary

Update on the FOOD DRIVE to NORTHWEST HARVEST Seattle.

Thank you for your donations in November.  Almost 20 pounds of staples, canned goods, and fixings for pasta dinners were donated to NW Harvest in November in the name of Shilshole Bay Yacht Club.

For the rest of the season, we suggest a direct donation to Northwest Harvest.  They use your cash donations to buy items most in need, to buy in bulk, and to repackage items.

For a one time gift, or planned giving, Use their SECURE DONATION link:

Thank you for helping SBYC serve our Seattle Community and feed families in need.  You may dedicate your gift in the name of Shilshole Bay Yacht Club, or dedicate it to a loved one.

Warm Holidays, Rubie Johnson.

Cruise Report by Cruise Chairs David Rynning and Julie Newby

Cruise Report DECEMBER 2023

Welcome to DecemBrrrrrr! As we race toward Winter Solstice (21-Dec-23, 17:27 PST), I’m always glad that the rapidly shortening days are about to turn the corner, and in a month we’ll notice the evening light lasting just a bit longer, and then – Spring!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  There’s plenty to do in preparation for 2024 – and the SBYC Cruising Season begins barely three months from now, with Winterfest on March 15-17. We’ll do something new this time and
rendezvous at Port of Edmonds Marina. We have 10 slips reserved for winter voyagers; the marina has a tented activity area on the dock, near the office; and there are some great places ashore for meeting up and enjoying the Edmonds vibe. Discord is our friend for planning as we get close to the date.   Contact the marina office at 425-775-4588 and on VHF 69 or 16.

Stand by for more details here. Each vessel will make their own reservation with the Marina and specify SBYC for the slip assignment.

Ruby Johnson will wield her local knowledge as our hostess, so please come by land or by sea!
And thank you Ruby!


Lat 47˚ 48′ 41″ Long 122˚ 22′ 57″
VHF 69 or 16

For more of ’24, here’s the schedule and details as of today. Contact us at with any questions or comments.

WINTER FEST: March 15-17, Port of Edmonds Marina

YELLOW FEST: April 5-7 at Blake Island Marina. The beachfront picnic shelter next to the marina is reserved for Saturday the 6th.

BURGER BURN: Port Ludlow May 17-19.

JUNE DINNER DANCE: Kingston Yacht Club June 7-9. We heard appreciative comments about this year’s band, Sour Mash, and are inquiring about booking them again for 2024.

JULY 3 RAFT-UP: Under consideration and may move from Liberty Bay. Many locales including Poulsbo/Liberty Bay are opting out of pyrotechnics lately, so please send us any thoughts on possible alternatives.

SUMMER RENDEZVOUS: Is up for grabs. Let us know what’s in your plans for the July/August time frame – North? South? West? We really made good use of the Discord platform this year and it’s easy for chat and uploading photos.

LABOR DAY WEEKEND: 2024 spans August 30 – Sept 2. Our 2023 meet-up at Port Orchard was a good location for those of us boating in from Seattle, Tacoma, and Poulsbo, and easy for those driving over or around too. We’re looking into our 2024 location and are eager to hear any ideas, or if Port Orchard merits another visit.

The SALMON BAKE: Will be September 27-29 and will likely return to Des Moines, as Poulsbo’s facility building proved almost too small for the large group that joined this year.

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”
– Paul Theroux (December 2023)


Vice Commodore Report by Roger Newby

Holiday Party – December 12th

Be sure to mark your calendars (and reply to the Evite) to attend this year’s SBYC Holiday Party, being held at the Elliott Bay Brewing Company’s Cascade Room in Lake City on December 12.
We have a special guest coming, thanks to Rubie Johnson.  Ms. Iole Alessandrini is a renowned artist, born in Italy but now living in our area.  IoleographyTM is an original technique developed by Iole Alessandrini, who combined her name “Iole” with “photography” and/or “holography” to describe her innovative approach to creating Laser Plane photographs. Laser Plane photography entails positioning a Laser Plane between the subjects and the camera, capturing their movements as they intersect with the plane.  In October 2023, Iole and 30 other world-class artists boarded a classic barquentine sailboat in Norway and set sail for a 2-week trip to the Arctic.  During the voyage, Iole worked to capture imagery of the northern Arctic via her special Laser Plane work in hopes of creating more visibility for climate change and better environmental action.  See more at
The special date of December 12 is earlier in the month than usual, in order to avoid conflicting with other holiday events in the week of the 18th. An Evite was sent early in order to ensure time for everyone to save room on their calendars. Even though this new format does not involve capturing everyone’s individual meal choice via Evite, we still need to know how many folks will be attending, so please reply to the Evite.  The buffet meal will include Cobb Salad, Fish & Chips, Carnitas Tacos, Chicken Tenders, and Cuban Sandwiches.  Cost is $27 for cash/check and $29 for credit card payment.
In addition to some slides of her work and the Arctic voyage, moderated by Iole Alessandrini, the meeting will feature the retirement of this year’s Board of Directors and an introduction of the 2024 Board.  Holiday decorations will abound, with holiday music in the background and the bartender serving up good holiday libations.
Please join us!
Tom King

Commodore’s Corner by Tom King, Commodore.

This is my final article after two years on the board. I started as Vice Commodore mid-pandemic. Overall, my life was less impacted than some. I was going to work daily, and had no kids at home, but trying to find interesting things to write about was difficult. The absence of in person meetings, cruises, and most recreational activities, made finding subject matter a challenge. Over time things loosened up and we were back to seeing club members on cruises, and eventually dinner meetings. Racing resumed and we could hang out on the docks discussing boat maintenance and watch as AJ climbed yet another mast (including my own). This gave me a bit more to focus on for the Rudderpost, but, unfortunately, my writing skills have not matured with time.

Next year I will transition to Immediate Past Commodore and will continue to participate in our club. The 2024 board looks to be a great group, and I look forward to working with them. The cruise schedule is being finalized, with some excellent opportunities to explore Puget Sound with the club. Racing and future dock parties are a great way to stay involved. Dinner meetings continue through spring as well, and I would encourage all of you to attend. Finding speakers for the meeting can be a challenge so if you have any contacts or ideas let Pat Hillis or myself know.

I want to thank many of you for helping me out over the last two years. I needed tech support, help with club procedures, advice about events, and the occasional adult beverage to get me through. I really enjoyed the experience, while getting to know many of you better, as well as meeting some new club members.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Tom King